"Salon owners need more than generic advice. They need a trusted partner that can educate them and help them implement customized solutions."

Many salon owners know how to deliver the services their business offers, but have no idea how to actively manage the business itself—even fewer understand the enormous challenges salon businesses face. Unfortunately, this lack of understanding causes many salon owners to make numerous costly mistakes, setting their business up for failure before they even open the doors.

As a salon business consultant and strategist, Tina Alberino specializes in helping salon owners and independent operators develop a new way of thinking, eliminating their insecurities and teaching them to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit of owning their own business. Clients are involved in every step of the project—whether it's planning, problem identification and analysis, or facilitating implementation. Consulting packages are designed to be affordable, informative, and effective. Ongoing support is available.

Tina is a licensed cosmetologist with fifteen years of experience. Her areas of expertise include employment law, tax law, ethical salon management practices and professional development. In addition to consulting, Tina also holds interactive webinars, conducts workshops, and speaks at conferences. Her educational blog, This Ugly Beauty Business, is a trusted industry resource, providing a wealth of information. Tina writes for a feature column in the Stylist and is the author of The Beauty Industry Survival Guide, widely praised as "required reading for every salon professional."


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